Star Footballer Megan Rapinoe helps USWNT bag FIFA Trophy for Fourth Time
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Star Footballer Megan Rapinoe helps USWNT bag FIFA Trophy for Fourth Time 

Last updated on July 9th, 2019

The United States women’s national football team (USWNT) co-led by Megan Rapinoe became the world champions for the fourth time on Sunday. The final of the 2019 FIFA World Cup saw the USWNT defeating the Netherlands by 2-0, bringing home the trophy once again.

The finale saw Rapinoe playing with finesse. The month long tournament not only brought focus on the women’s football but also towards the predicament faced by the women’s team on several issues like equal pay, equal compensation or equal amenities.

Megan Rapinoe in this tournament not only gained attention for her vocal views on the US politics but also on her candid performance throughout the tournament, helping the team win their fourth World Cup.

In the starting of the tournament, the USWNT received a mind-blowing start and won their first match against Thailand with a score of 13-0. The number of goals scored in this match has been more than the combined goals scored by the US men’s football team in every World Cup since 2006.

The USWNT won the final of the tournament with a brilliant goal from Megan Rapinoe and Rose Lavelle. Rapinoe has also won the Golden Globe and the Golden Boot award for her mesmerizing performance in the tournament.

After winning the FIFA Women’s World Cup for the fourth time, the players of the USWNT have etched their names forever in the course of the history, along with cementing the name of their coach Jill Ellis.

The popularity of the match and the team could be estimated from the fact that for both the finals and the semi-finals, tickets were completely sold out within 48 hours and almost a billion people watched both the matches.

Lifting the trophy, Megan Rapinoe said, “I feel invincible. We’ve put on the most incredible show that anyone could have asked for. We can’t be better ambassadors. A little public shame never hurt anyone, right?”

While Rapinoe has continuously fought for playing the game better, she has also fought for equal rights. Her rightful demands have also gained the support of famed artist Snoop Dog.

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