#MeToo Movement in China began with Zhou Xiaoxuan Revelation

#MeToo Movement in China began with Zhou Xiaoxuan Revelation 

China at many stances, has come under the radar of suppression with very few voices that can be heard. In such an environment Zhou Xiaoxuan, a 25-year-old screenwriter in Beijing, gathered the courage to open up about the day of life that changed her forever, marking the #MeToo movement in China.

Zhou Xiaoxuan opened up about the day when she was working as an intern at China Central Television, the state-run broadcaster. She said that during her internship, she was asked to bring fruit to the dressing room of Zhu Jun, a famous anchor. It was there, she revealed, that Zhu began forcibly kissing and groping her.

Zhou’s painful revelation was published online in the form of an essay that soon became the plea for women’s rights in China, challenging the status quo of women suppression in China.

“It’s important for every girl to speak up and say what she has suffered,” she expressed. Zhou further called upon the women of China to stand up against such suppression. She said, “We need to make sure society knows that these massacres exist.”

Zhou Xiaoxuan essay was reposted by one of her friends on Sina Weibo, a micro blogging site that soon became the platform, wherein Chinese women started sharing their harassment experiences. The instant internet networking of women and their stories became so popular that the Chinese government took steps to curb it by blocking comments and banning the state-run news media from covering her case.

Despite the government suppression, Zhou felt overwhelmed that she was not just heard, but also able to give voice to numerous women who were silent about the harassment they had faced.She emerged as the face of fledgling #MeToo movement in China. But that is just one side of the story.

The accused Zhu Jun has completely denied the allegations. A lawsuit against Zhou describing her accusations as “blatantly fabricated and viciously spread” has been filed. Moreover, she has been criticized by prominent people from the industry. She is even receiving threats to stop her activities online.

Despite the hatred and humiliation, Zhou is still determined to go all the way with her case.”This is something I must tackle,” she said. “I don’t have a choice.”

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