Nestlé to Launch Luxury Handcrafted Version of KitKat Bars
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Nestlé to Launch Luxury Handcrafted Version of KitKat Bars 

There is a certain kind of image that comes in our mind when we think of KitKat bars and what better than a handcrafted Nestlé KitKat!

With the addition of luxury handcrafted KitKat to its existing business, Nestlé has introduced a direct to costumer business in the UK for the very first time. The announcement was made on Monday, wherein the Swiss chocolate giant said that its regular KitKat bars will get a gourmet makeover. This new range will allow customers to create their own eight finger bars using milk, dark, white or ruby chocolate.

The lip smacking staple will however, be available for up to £14 per bar as compared to a standard 41.5g four-fingered KitKat that typically costs 65p.

To make the experience even better Nestlé KitKat will give the option to include meringue, toasted coconut, dried raspberry, rose petals, honeycomb and popping candy in the chocolates.

Nestlé announced that there will be nearly 1,500 combinations to choose from to make the best tea time KitKat for you. The “Special Edition flavours” that include “Earl Grey”, “Marmalade” and “Whisky and Ginger” are expected to be the best gifts this Christmas season. 

Commenting on the new launch, Head of KitKat UK Cheryl Allen said, “KitKat was launched in the 1930s and one of the reasons it has endured for so long is because it has been able to evolve.” She added, “These are luxury, handcrafted chocolates and I think it will positively surprise people how far you can stretch this brand.”

Among the many other Christmas trends in the past few years, customised KitKat jars named jars of Marmite and tins of Quality Street, have topped the list of Christmas presents.

For the sale of the new launch, a pop-up shop will be opened in the existing Nestlé store at Oxford Street on Thursday. Another will be inaugurated at Manchester Trafford Centre on October 1. Also the special edition KitKat will be available in 30 shops.

Besides, Nestlé KitKat lovers can order these customised versions from the Nestlé website launching in November.

On the environment front, Nestlé recently tweeted about its “Zero Net Emissions by 2050” project, wherein it plans to improve its agricultural initiatives by absorbing more carbon. The firm is an active participant in the UN Climate Action Summit 2019 held in New York city this week.

Also, Nestlé is moving towards recyclable paper packaging to reduce its plastic usage aiming to become an active contributor in the improvement of climate condition globally.

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