Netflix Binge Watching to be Discontinued Soon
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Netflix Binge Watching to be Discontinued Soon 

Brace yourself as Netflix has changed its episode release pattern. As per news, the media service provider Netflix will soon try the per-week release model for its original shows.

The new model will first be adopted for two Netflix original shows named The Great British Bake Off and Rhythm & Flow.

The Great British Bake Off is a famous British television baking competition, wherein a group of amateur bakers compete against each other in several rounds to impress judges with exceptional baking skills. The show is produced by Love Productions and was first aired on August 17, 2010.

Previously, all the seasons of The Great British Bake Off were being released on the same date. Currently, due to the new modifications brought forth by Netflix, the latest season is showing one available and all future episodes are currently unavailable. However, the release date of each episode has been displayed next to the unavailable ones.

Another show where the recent changes are being tested is Rhythm & Flow. It is said that the first four episodes will be released on October 9. Episodes 5 to 7 and Episodes 8 to 10 will be released on October 16 and 23 respectively.

Rhythm and Flow is the first music competition by Netflix that will premiere on October 9. It is a hip-hop competition, wherein hidden artists will be judged by Cardi B and Chance the Rapper.

Netflix, speaking about the news on Twitter, on September 3 tweeted that the weekly release is just the company’s attempt on trying something new. Only the Rhythm and Flow and The Great British Bake Off are part of the experiment. Polygon also confirmed the news.

Netflix has earlier tested this streaming technique in certain international markets like the UK by adding the episodes of Breaking Bad on a weekly basis. Several licensed series of US, including The Good Place and Better Call Saul were released in the similar pattern.

These days, binge watching is a regular phenomenon. More than 60 percent of the US adults have agreed to binge watching shows at least once in a week. 28 percent of them said that they did it multiple times in a week and 15 percent of them agreed to being everyday binge watchers.

However, there is less possibility that Netflix may change its release model across the board as it has always promised a greater control on the experience of the viewer. The series in which Netflix is currently applying the new rules are reality shows. If the modification is put on a drama series, viewers might get irritated and leave the service altogether.

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