New chaos in the Cortissoz for two canceled flights from Avianca

New chaos in the Cortissoz for two canceled flights from Avianca 

Last updated on June 30th, 2018

The two tickets corresponded to the flights scheduled for 6:40 and 7:15 in the morning of this Friday.

The Ernesto Cortissoz airport, which provides services to Barranquilla, woke up this Friday, for the third consecutive day, in the midst of chaos due to the cancellation of two flights by the Avianca airline.

Sirlenis Bravo and Jorge Villarreal, in the company of their two sons, were scheduled to travel on the flight from 6 and 40 in the morning to Bogota, but the company Avianca canceled the service.

According to Villarreal, they were not given a clear explanation of what is happening.

“They told us that the flight was canceled and that we had two options: that they gave us breakfast and lunch and we were waiting for the flight between 3 and 40 in the afternoon or that they take us to the house, they will pick us up and give us 200 thousand pesos for another ticket, “said Villarreal.

In the opinion of these users, what is happening is a “lack of respect” with passengers since many have scheduled appointments and in the case of them, who go for a walk, lose all day because they will only sleep at the hotel.

Alberto Díaz Caraballo, another Cortissoz user, from Sincelejo, said that when they confirmed the ticket they informed him that the flight had been canceled.

“They simply told me that the flight had been canceled, that they would relocate us, without any explanation whatsoever,” said Díaz Caraballo, who questions that he had not been notified previously, nor by a phone call or an email.

He maintained that one of Avianca’s employees informed him that they could not be notified in advance, because the flight was canceled at 3 o’clock in the morning. He explained that fortunately he goes for a walk with his granddaughter, but many of the travelers had medical appointments and work meetings, but they did not solve anything.

Diana Gómez, another user, said that when she went to deliver her bags they informed her that the flight had been postponed to 11 in the morning due to lack of crew.

“I had a work appointment at 9 in the morning. The airline only gave us a breakfast, without explanation, “said Gomez.

The traveler called on the company to be more responsible and have contingency plans ready.

On the situation, the Avianca company stated through its press office that two flights were canceled: 9717 and 9537.

According to the company, the suspension of the operation that recently occurred in El Dorado, which generated a reprogramming of the times of the crews for the whole week, has had an impact on the situation.

He also points out that the reorganization of the time of the crews has as a consequence a reorganization of itineraries, which generates certain cancellations of scheduled flights. “One hundred percent of the passengers of those two flights, 223 passengers, have been rearranged in the different flights of today. This is possible because the planes are large and have a capacity of 150 and almost 200 passengers, “he said.

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