New Rules for E-hailing Industry lead to Grab Announcing Delayed Rides

New Rules for E-hailing Industry lead to Grab Announcing Delayed Rides 

Last updated on August 29th, 2020

The new regulations introduced by the Malaysian government have taken aback the e-hailing industry. As per the new rules, all drivers of e-hailing companies like Grab have to give written exams on traffic rules and regulations. Also, each driver has to get proper health check-ups done.

Many drivers working at Grab have not taken the news positively. They are disappointed with the continuous changes in rules introduced by the government within short intervals of time. Out of the 150,000 drivers working with Grab, only 41 percent have been able to get the license. 24 percent drivers are still in the waiting list.

Long waiting hours to get license at the Transport Department are not just tiring but will affect the income of drivers and the e-hailing industry at large. Also, getting the inspection done will create a huge hole in the pockets of drivers.

Kamarul Hisaham, an e-hailing driver, said that forking out RM1,000 to replace multiple parts is a “financial burden” for him. He added, “The government said they want to help the B40 group but when they do things like this, it’s like they just want us to die.”

The B40 group comprises of families whose monthly household income is below RM4,360.

There are high chances that the e-hailing industry will witness a backlash as the overall income of the industry will reduce. The delay in getting license has reduced the number of car drivers available with Grab. As stated by Lim, an e-hailing driver, “Customers can choose other means of public transport at the expense of e-hailing drivers.”

Danesh Daniel, a full time Grab driver, said, “I can see that people are worried about the fare hike, especially during peak hours. I hope they can accept it, if it happens, and not ditch e-hailing drivers.”

Commenting on the issue, Grab said, “With fewer driver-partners on the roads to serve an ever-increasing demand for ride-hailing, consumers will feel the pinch of longer waiting times, especially during peak hours and rainy days.”

Grab has advised customers to book rides a bit earlier and not cancel if a confirmation notification has been received even if the waiting time is too long.

The new regulations have been criticised by many e-hailing companies such as Mula, MyCar and ZeppOn. The drivers are against the rules as they think they render the e-hailing industry at a huge loss considering that they have to pay a higher toll than taxi drivers in Malaysia.

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