Nintendo to go on an innovation journey with launch of Switch 2
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Nintendo to go on an innovation journey with launch of Switch 2 

Nintendo, founded in 1889, is celebrating its 130th anniversary this year. However, with the launch of its new console announcement in 2019 or Switch 2, it proves yet again that the company is on an ever growing path with its flexible approach towards the market demands.

It is noteworthy that the company history has not always been associated with video gaming. The gaming intersection of Nintendo can only be associated with 30 years of the company’s history, which justifies that it is to stay on its innovation journey.

In a recent interview, Shuntaro Furukawa, the current President of the company stated that Nintendo will stick to the flexibility and adaptability. He said that the company will innovate in future, taking a leaf of all their major past successes.

Talking about the technical aspect, he said that the company is not fixed to its consoles, and is ready to innovate on possible fronts. At the current moment, the company is introducing uniquely developed Nintendo Switch and its software delivering various technological changes.

As per reports, the new machine is to have a screen and a better display, and also an upgraded hardware. Experts are even suggesting that user may witness two forms of switches, Switch Pro and Switch Lite, covering for the lower end spectrum.

It is clear that Nintendo makes mobile games, and is now dedicated to adapt to the changing or evolving gaming environment by offering edge to its existing technology.  However, the company chooses to tread with caution. As many companies in the industry are trying to jump onto the virtual reality train, it has refrained from doing so as of now. For Nintendo, having a foot on reality is important.

As technology changes, so will Nintendo, creating in its innovative journey, offering the best of gaming experience to its customers.

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