Pakistan Denies Role in Pulwama Attack in India
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Pakistan Denies Role in Pulwama Attack in India 

Following the recent terrorist attack in the Pulwama region of India, which killed at least 40 Indian military personnel, tensions have fuelled between India and Pakistan. As an aftermath of the Pulwama attack, another nine people, including four Indian soldiers and a policeman, died during a gun battle in the India-administered Kashmir. Three suspected militants were also killed in the gun battle.

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has asked Indian government not to accuse Pakistan for the Pulwama attack.

He further retorted that if India has any concrete evidence of what they are saying they should bring it forward and his government will not hesitate to take the necessary action against the culprits otherwise avoid making baseless declarations.

The Pakistan PM warned that his country will retaliate to any military attack from India on its territory without any concrete evidence to show for it.

The Pakistan government also stated that the Indian government should look within the country before labelling undue accusation across the border.

The tensions brewed after a Pakistani terror group Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) took responsibility for the Pulwama attack on 14 February. India said that Imran Khan should keep his promise of punishing the perpetrators as he declared in his TV appearance.

Jaish-e-Mohammad, a Pakistan-based terrorist group, has been on India’s most wanted list for a number of previous attacks in the country. Indian has launched a counter-attack, capturing around 20 young men, detained for further investigations into the bombing.

While India has given its military full freedom to do whatever is required to combat JeM, the Pakistani government has been playing cool with no fear about the actions that the Indian government intends to take.

Many believe the attack may be a message to the Pakistan government to avoid any cozy relationship with its neighbour.

In another light, the reaction of Pakistan could be due to the visit of the Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman to the country. The Prince is to visit India as well, to discuss issues related to terrorism and security in the country.

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