Pakistan Under Pressure to Secure a Spot at Semi-finals of ICC World Cup 2019
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Pakistan Under Pressure to Secure a Spot at Semi-finals of ICC World Cup 2019 

The ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 is treading towards the completion of group stage round, with Pakistan gearing up for a match against Bangladesh. Since three slots for the semi-final have already been filled by Australia, India and England respectively, the tournament is looking for the fourth team to qualify to the semi-finals.

While New Zealand is still at the fourth position in the standing table with 11 points despite their loss in the last three matches, the South Asian country, Pakistan, is following closely with 9 points at the fifth position.

Even though the chances to qualify to the semi-finals of the World Cup 2019 are grim for Pakistan, there is nothing that can be said with certainty.

The only way for the Pakistan to qualify into the final four is if they defeat Bangladesh with a margin of over 311 or more runs, provided they bat first. Pakistan skipper Sarfaraz Ahmed admits that it won’t be easy for them to qualify for the knock-out round of the tournament.

During a press conference, Ahmed said that the team would be looking forward to score anywhere near 500 and then end the innings of their Bangladeshi counterparts at or around 50.

The reason for such a magnificent win in the World Cup 2019 is that in their first match of the tournament against West Indies, Pakistan had their innings ended at the score of 105, which West Indies achieved within 13.4 over.

In order for Pakistan to qualify to the next round, they need to score 350 and beat Bangladesh by 311 runs or score 400 runs and beat them by 316 and at last score 450 and beat the South Asian country by 321 runs.

Apart from losing the last four ODIs against the Bangladesh cricket team, the Pakistani team is running high on confidence, since they won the last three matches of the tournament. 

With uncertainty surrounding the match and hopes to qualify to the semi-finals dangling, it would be exciting to see which team grabs the fourth spot in the Cricket World Cup 2019.

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