Philip Morris to Follow Saudi Packaging Rules & Promote Smoke Free Bristol
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Philip Morris to Follow Saudi Packaging Rules & Promote Smoke Free Bristol 

The tobacco industry was taken aback by the latest instructions about plain packaging in Saudi Arabia. Tobacco giant, Philip Morris International (PMI) has promised full compliance with the laws.

Recently, the Saudi Food and Drug Authority, together with a neutral international laboratory tested tobacco-based products. The testing revealed major difference in characteristics associated with multiple products. It was done after regular complaints were received from consumers, leading the government to order tobacco companies of the kingdom to “modify their products to confirm with customers’ expectations on flavour”.

As per a report released by Saudi Press Agency, companies should now include ingredients, production date and country of origin on packaging as a matter of urgency. The rules of plain packaging were implemented in the kingdom in August 2019.

Confirming full adherence to Saudi guidelines, Vice President of Philip Morris International, Tarkan Demirbas said, “As one of the world’s largest tobacco manufacturers, we will always abide by international and local regulations and will fully comply with the Saudi government committee’s latest direction.”

He assured, “Philip Morris International products are of the highest quality and we consistently apply global policies, standards and good manufacturing practices with respect to machinery, ingredients and safety for all our products.”

Meanwhile, sources have confirmed that cigarette maker Philip Morris has vowed to launch a new initiative for helping Bristol become the first ever city in England to go smoke-free. The company has pledged to aid smokers to either give up smoking or, if not quit, to at least switch to smoke-free alternatives. With this initiative, the firm aims to help Bristol’s 56,000+ smokers to give up cigarette smoking for personal better.

For fulfilling its promise, Philip Morris is partnering with local businesses for ensuring their employee smokers understand the other alternatives available if they aren’t able to quit. The firm has planned to extend the offer to every business in Bristol.

Leading the initiative is Managing Director Peter Nixon, who is trying to make Bristol a smoke-free city. He said, “Bristol could genuinely be the first city in England to go smoke-free. We believe our New Year commitments can make a real, practical difference in giving smokers the support they need to give up.”

Reports from January 3 claim that after the introduction of new Tobacco Product Directive laws that outlaw the cigarettes, starting May 2020, Menthol cigarettes will be banned. The LiverPool Echo reported that this banning is aimed at deterring young people from smoking menthol and skinny cigarettes.

Being the manufacturer of Marlboro, Philip Morris tried to appeal against the law change to the European Court of Justice, but remained unsuccessful. Besides, governments all over the world have been trying to put legal restrictions on purchase of e-cigarettes, vaping cartridges and tobacco. Last month, US President Trump had signed a legislation increasing the minimum age to buy tobacco products from 18 to 21. The decision received lot of criticism from people who could no longer make the purchase.

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