Philippines’ President Rodrigo Duterte Slams Canada, Sends Waste Back
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Philippines’ President Rodrigo Duterte Slams Canada, Sends Waste Back 

The first-world nations that have long been following the illegal policy of exporting their wastes to the developing countries would now have to halt these practices. Noticing that Philippines has become one of the dumping grounds for the developed nations, President Rodrigo Duterte decided to send the waste back to their respective nations, in attempt to diminish the growing climatic threats.

Many of the Southeast Asian nations have been following the same trend of rejecting wastes from the foreign countries, which illegally ship it to their shores. The matter has been a subject of dispute from a long time, resulting in no specific outcome until date.

As per a hearing in 2016, Philippines Court declared that about 2,400 tons of Canadian waste labelled as plastics – meant for recycling – was imported to the country. When crosschecked, the Canadian government cleared that the exported waste was a private commercial transaction done without their consent.

 A representative for Canada’s environment and climate change ministry said that the country would take all the required steps for proper handling and disposal of waste, providing a safe environment.

Tired of consistently being trashed by other nations, Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte recently started with his demands from the Canadian government to take its five-year old illegal waste back at its own cost. He even threatened to declare a war against Canada, withdrawing Manila’s ambassador to Ottawa, if the country resisted the agreement.

As Canada agreed to the importing of the waste, 69 containers of rubbish loaded from Manila left for Canadian city, Vancouver, on Friday.

Rodrigo Duterte, largely known for his highly nationalist approach, has been a volatile and a popular leader. His current approach with the dealing of waste has been viewed as severing diplomatic ties with other nations. However, his party believes that the present act of returning Canadian garbage would help in easement of the growing conflicts, improving relations between both the nations. They even claimed that the Philippines’ diplomats, who were earlier asked to leave Canada in a row of protests, were told to return post settlement.

This month, Malaysia also followed a similar wave of rejection of becoming a dumping ground for non-recyclable plastic wastes by the developed countries. Malaysian Environment Minister Yeo Bee Yin announced to send 3,300 tons of non-recyclable plastic waste back to the first-world nations on Tuesday, amid the rising environmental concerns.

The move of waste rejection by Rodrigo Duterte on Friday has clearly demonstrated his will to halt the illegal importing of wastes from other nations. The aim is to avoid making Philippines a trash dump for the rich nations, maintaining its sovereignty as an independent country.

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