Police officer accused of shooting her neighbor in Dallas dismissed 

Police officer accused of shooting her neighbor in Dallas dismissed

Police officer Amber Renee Guyger fatally shot her neighbor in his apartment. He was 26-year-old black man Botham Jean. It happened on the 6th of September.

Guyger explained her motives by a mistake. She said she thought it was a burglar who was inside her home. She was fired recently.

Police Department has announced their official decision on 24 of September.

Jean has been buried in the Caribbean homeland.

The official hearing was held this Monday, and Renee Hall, Police Chief U. dismissed the officer from her position in the police. Guyger is also charged with a murder in the shooting on September, 6th. According to the spokesperson from the department, she was fired because of arrest.

She is on bond for now. After three days of shooting, she was arrested.

According to the latest statement from police, conclusions from the internal investigation showed that Guyger, a veteran of the force, on September 9th was arrested for manslaughter. They mention that she was engaged in adverse conduct, which according to a spokesman of police Sgt. Warren Mitchell is often said on the termination of the officer.

Mitchell also added that the Department wants to keep public respect and not to destroy its own reputation. While it happened with the Department officer, officials don’t link both, department and officer together.

According to the attorney of a family of Jean, he was buried this Monday in his homeland in St. Lucia. The family said they were trying to make Guyger fired from police right after the murder, and now they see this gesture as a small victory. They wait for the justice in the court now.

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