Potterheads to be Delighted with Harry Potter Wizards Unite Releasing Soon
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Potterheads to be Delighted with Harry Potter Wizards Unite Releasing Soon 

Android and iOS stores are expected to witness a huge rush, since the Harry Potter Wizards Unite, one of the few games having a fanbase spread across the globe, is releasing tomorrow, June 21.

While there are many new immersive and addictive games being launched almost every day, but it is not quite the scenario when the same is said about an augmented reality game. 

Niantic Labs is bringing the augmented reality (AR) game for the Potterheads. They have developed the game along with WB Games San Francisco. The game, which is bound to release this Friday, will first release in the UK and the US.

The upcoming fictional game, Harry Potter Wizards Unite developed by Niantic Labs needs no introduction due to their already famous and widely played AR games like Ingress and Pokémon Go.

Pokémon Go, released in 2016, was the last game developed by the studio. The game allowed the players to locate and capture the imaginary critters.

If the data is anywhere near the truth, then it is believed that Pokémon Go has been installed over one billion times in more than 150 countries and has earned more or around $2 billion in revenue.

According to the details of the game announced, Harry Potter Wizards Unite lets people play as the wizards or witch tasked with limiting the magic that appears in the “Muggle (non-magical) world” from the “Wizarding world”.

The game allows the players to prepare potions, enchant spells and even teleport using a magical device called a Portkey. Even though the game is for free, it will comprise of an option to purchase in-game currency or items by real money.

The game is believed to be the new favourite as Harry Potter has a huge fanbase, accounting over millions of people at the very least, who have seen all the Harry Potter movies or read all the books.

While the response of the players for Harry Potter Wizards Unite is yet to be seen, it is speculated that the game might soon surpass the popularity of Pokémon Go. Even though the game is not bound to release in Asian or Middle-Eastern region anytime soon, it will surely be a delight for the fans once it releases here too.

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