Punched by a cop and charged for assaulting two officers later 

Last updated on September 25th, 2018

Punched by a cop and charged for assaulting two officers later

Violent arrest of Emily Weinman, 20-year-old from Philadelphia, caught on camera quickly became viral. She was punched by cop during Jersey shore arrest off the rails on summer.

Now she is charged with assaulting of two officers that were involved in the scuffle.

Her arrest started an outcry about the inappropriate use of force from police. Last Tuesday she was indicted by a grand jury of Cape May County and faces trial.

It all started when Weinmen with her friend was resting on Memorial Day at the Wildwood Beach. They kept bottles with alcohol near them. Police officers Robert Jordan and Thomas Cannon saw unopened bottles near blankets and came to them.

The woman said that this alcohol is not hers, but her aunt’s and she refused to name herself to the cops. There was a wild brawl, Cannon punched her twice in the head after she shoved him.

Meanwhile, according to authorities, Weinman spit on officers and attacked him. Jury claims that young woman made an assault on police officers, threw bodily fluids, resisted arrest.

Stephen Dicht, Weinman’s lawyer, says that the system is unfair, and the situation must be completely opposite, it is cops who must be charged.

He says it is a chance for Emily to prove that police has the one to be blamed not her. As for the spitting, he said that Weinman was simply trying to clear her throat from sand.

Weinman has passed the Breathalyzer test but refused to tell her name.

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