Emir of Qatar and US President’s Meet Proves Successful for Both Nations
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Emir of Qatar and US President’s Meet Proves Successful for Both Nations 

Last updated on July 11th, 2019

The Emir of Qatar and US President’s meeting at the White House earlier this week has resulted in strengthened ties and better economic equations between the two countries. Amidst a worsening blockade between Qatar and the Middle Eastern allies of America, US President Trump offered a cordial reception to Qatar’s Emir HH Sheikh Tamim.

During the meet, the leaders of both the countries discussed ways to boost their already strengthened relations. The verdict of the meet came out better than expected, further asserting the prowess of HH as one of the best negotiators among all the world leaders.

The meet between Trump and Emir of Qatar is beneficial for both the countries, as Qatar will be buying different types of equipment, including the missile defence system from Raytheon of US to strengthen its defence.

This purchase will boost the economy and will also increase jobs in the US.

Following the meet, Trump said, “They are investing very heavily in our country. And they’re buying commercial planes, as you know — very large numbers of commercial planes from Boeing. And we very much appreciate it.”

The Qatar-US deal comes at a time when Boeing is entangled in a crisis. This shows that how big the deal with is for the US.

The meet has also brought along some infrastructural developments in the US as Chevron Philips Chemical and Qatar Petroleum have agreed to build a petrochemical plant of worth $8 billion on the Gulf Coast of the US.

During a press conference, HH Sheikh Tamim said, “Our economic partnership has been more than $185 billion and we’re planning to double this number. We have a lot of investments in the U.S., we trust the economy here.”

“We continue our mutual commitment to remain closely invested in both military and security alliance,” he added.

The meet between the Emir of Qatar and the US President is not only beneficial for the US, but also expected to bring down the restrictions imposed on Qatar by the blockade.

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