Cristiano Ronaldo yet Again Proved his Mettle by Getting Juventus in Quarter-Finals
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Cristiano Ronaldo yet Again Proved his Mettle by Getting Juventus in Quarter-Finals 

Cristiano Ronaldo got the Italy football club Juventus in to the quarter-finals by completely destroying the popular Atletico Madrid club’s defense. Ronaldo scored a hat-trick against the usually strong team – that was thought to win the title of the league – with 3-0 after fighting back from two goal defeat in the first leg of round of 16.

The star player scored two headers in each half by jumping higher than any of the Atletico’s defender and then converted a late penalty to his hat-trick, when Juventus was in its dire need.

He even mocked the Atletico’s coach Diego Simeone with the same gesture he was mocked at by the coach at the end of the previous match of leg 1, following the final whistle of match during the celebrations.

A fine of 22,500 USD was made on Simeone for unprofessional demeanor and it is yet to be seen if the star footballer would be treated in the same way.

After his commendable win last night, Ronaldo got his hat-trick total to eight in the Champions League and equalized the bar with the Barcelona’s star-player Lionel Messi. With his hat-trick, he also successfully signaled as to why he was signed for £112 million by Juventus from Real Madrid, who have dominated the sport for years.

“Maybe that’s why Juventus signed me,” The Star footballer commented. “To help it do things that it had never done before. This result is a great push for the future, we’re strong and we showed it.” The 34 year old player has won the Champions league five times with four wins in the last five seasons.

However, after giving a thorough performance in the league, the defeat brought more pain for Atletico as the competition’s final is being held in its Wanda Metropolitano Stadium.

Italy forward Federico Bernardeschi was handed a start for Juventus, and he made that worth by getting the ball from the left for Ronaldo as header in the 27th minute. After three minutes of break, Ronaldo did get the second goal by scoring a header. After the score being tied, Juventus got its third decisive goal when Bernardeschi was elbowed over in the penalty area and Ronaldo converted the resulting spot kick four minutes prior to match ending.

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