Sebastian Vettel Makes a Solid Comeback, Wins Chinese GP Practice Session
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Sebastian Vettel Makes a Solid Comeback, Wins Chinese GP Practice Session 

Last updated on April 15th, 2019

Following the loss in Bahrain GP, Sebastian Vettel struck back, as he finished the practice session at the first position, before the 1000th F1 race. With topping the practice session, Ferrari made clear that it would not be easy to defeat them at the Chinese Grand Prix due on April 14.

Even though Vettel was running the practice with harder tyres, he still managed to finish first with a lead of 0.207 seconds against Lewis Hamilton, the Mercedes driver. Besides, Vettel’s teammate, Charles Leclerc finished the race at third, and Red Bull’s Max Verstappen finished fourth.

Mercedes’ Valtteri Bottas bagged the fifth position in the practice session ahead of Renault’s Daniel Ricciardo, and Red Bull’s Pierre Gasly.

Bottas will be leading the Chinese Grand Prix as the championship leader, since he won the Australian GP held on March 17 and finished second in Bahrain GP behind Hamilton. During the Bahrain GP, it seemed that Ferrari had the advantage over Mercedes only on the straight tracks of the race.

Hamilton was not be seen in his finest form during the Bahrain GP, even though he won it, as Leclerc experienced engine problem during the 46th and 47th lap of the game.

Sebastian Vettel finishing the race 0.2 seconds quicker than Hamilton, seems to be a favourable outcome for Ferrari despite a harder tyre.

There was no main incident during the practice, except for a spin out experienced by the Racing Point’s Lance Stroll, during the early laps of the session. However, Stroll made an impressive comeback as he finished ninth in the session.

After Leclerc’s splendid performance in the Bahrain GP, Sebastian Vettel needs to win this weekend to continue as a nominal team leader. Both Vettel and Ferrari need to learn from their mistakes made in the last season, so that they have a shot in winning the title or the championship this season.

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