Singer Denise Ho Appeals UNHRC to Dismiss China and Protect Hong Kongers
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Singer Denise Ho Appeals UNHRC to Dismiss China and Protect Hong Kongers 

Famous Hong Kong-based Cantopop singer and actor Denise Ho, who is also an active participant in pro-democracy fight against the government, was invited by two human rights NGOs to speak at the 41st session of the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) in Geneva on Monday.

Observing the chaotic situation in Hong Kong, Denise Ho at the council meeting informed the member states that Hong Kongers’ human rights remain threatened due to the introduction of the Hong Kong extradition bill. This is because the bill suggested that all the suspected criminals in Hong Kong would be extradited to the countries with which the city has no fugitive agreement including mainland China.

The demonstrations, which started with peaceful protests, later turned to violent clashes with the prosecutors, who detained many while launching baton charges on several others. Alongside using force against the unarmed protestors, the police even used tear gas, rubber bullets, and water cannons to disperse the crowd, who called for complete withdrawal of the now-suspended extradition bill, fearing for their lives.

Witnessing the entire situation in the country, the LGBT rights activist in her two minutes speech appealed to the council to put an end to China’s abuses in Hong Kong. She even criticised the Chinese government saying that the “one country two systems” offered by China is “nearing its death” due to the former’s deceptive measures.

Throughout her speech, Chinese delegates interrupted Denise Ho twice when she raised concerns on China’s act of misusing its power that the government calls it necessary to maintain order and rule in Hong Kong. In a plea for international action, she asked Human Rights Council to remove China from the main body, as a sole decision maker, in order to protect the rights of the Hong Kongers. 

Beijing’s delegate Dai Demao interrupted Ho’s speech, saying that the Cantopop singer had challenged the one-China principle in the UN Charter by mentioning Hong Kong side-by-side with China. As the Sino-British Joint Declaration of 1984 binds both the countries for a period of 50 years, China’s intervention is seen as denying its obligations, threatening the rights of Hong Kongers.

What Denise Ho wanted was the UNHRC to take steps to protect the Hong Kongers and to remove China from the council. Despite being interrupted twice, she successfully placed her views in front of the members. The question arises as to whether the council members, moved by her speech, would really take steps in favour of the Hong Kongers.

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