Sri Lanka Witnesses Another Blast as Bomb Squad Tried Diffusing it
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Sri Lanka Witnesses Another Blast as Bomb Squad Tried Diffusing it 

Last updated on April 27th, 2019

On Monday, Sri Lanka experienced another blast near St. Anthony’s church in Colombo as the bomb squad tried to diffuse it. Fortunately, no one was injured in the explosion that occurred in a van near the church.

The people reported to the local authorities that the van had been parked near the Church since Sunday. When the bomb squad of Special Task Force and air force inspected the van, they found three bombs which detonated as soon as they tried diffusing them.

The police spokesman Ruwan Gunasekera said the blasts that shook the entire nation on Easter Sunday have claimed 310 lives till now. The people who have died recently are the ones who have succumbed overnight to their injuries from the blasts.

Till now 40 arrests have been made in relation with the serial blasts and all those arrested are said to be the locals.

Sri Lankan Health Minister Rajitha Senaratne has claimed that the Prime Minister was not informed about the warnings by the foreign intelligence on the attacks that could be carried out.

“When we asked about the intelligence report, the prime minister was not aware of this. As a government we have to say very, very sorry and we have to apologise to the families and their institutions about this incident,” Senaratne said.

CNN reported that US has identified the main person responsible for the blasts in Sri Lanka. According to the US officials, the person responsible has ties with international terrorism organizations, including ISIS.

After the Sunday attacks, the Sri Lankan police found 87 bomb detonators at the main bus station in Colombo on Monday, a spokesperson said.

The government has imposed an emergency starting Monday midnight that allows the authorities to arrest and question suspects without any notice.

The emergency was imposed following the bomb blast in the van that the bomb squad tried to diffuse.

The government believes that the local radical group had the support of an international organisation to carry out such devastating and well-co-ordinated attacks.

Senaratne said, “We don’t think a small organization can do all that. We are now investigating international support for them and their other links – how they produced the suicide bombers and bombs like this.”

The Sri Lankan bomb squad was also successful in diffusing an Improvised Explosive Device in the form of a six-foot-long pipe (approx. 1.8m), earlier on Sunday. The bomb was found at Colombo International Airport.

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