Student of Penn State recovers from meningitis
Student of Penn State recovers from meningitis
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Student of Penn State recovers from meningitis 

Last updated on December 3rd, 2018

Student of Penn State recovers from meningitis

The student was taken to the Mount Nittany Medical Center after he was diagnosed with bacterial meningococcal meningitis. According to the official information from Penn, he is currently recovering from the disease. The news was published at the University’s official web page this Monday.

What is meningococcal meningitis? It is one of the versions of bacterial meningitis that is usually treated with different antibiotics in the hospital.

There were no close contacts with other people, and student who is currently in the campus’ hospital receives appropriate care with medicine prescribed by doctors.

What are the symptoms of this virus? It may have several different symptoms, like an unexpected fever, for example, strong headache, and even stiff neck.

The usual period of appearance of these symptoms can last from three to seven days. However, it can be found by specialist from 2 to 10 days.

After that time, the progress of disease goes very quickly.

How to avoid this disease? It is a virus, so it can spread very quickly. You must avoid direct contacts with ill people. Meningitis can be cured faster if you notice the first symptoms and immediately go to the doctor. From some form of meningitis, there is an injection that you can receive for free in the hospital.

Some advice from doctors:

–              Always wash hands before you eat, especially if you have been on the street, and walked in the crowdie places,

–              Wear proper clothes during cold days,

–              Do not touch people who may look sick.

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