Taiwan Suggests Fresh Democratic Hong Kong Elections amid Growing Protests
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Taiwan Suggests Fresh Democratic Hong Kong Elections amid Growing Protests 

The Hong Kong protests that seem to be never ceasing have brought concerns amongst the governments of various territories surrounding the city. On Monday, Taiwan’s foreign minister called for conducting “genuine” democratic Hong Kong elections to end the trended political violence that has hit the city and severed its relations with surrounding territories.

“It’s sad to see the rule of law eroding and the divide between the people and the government widening in Hong Kong. The way forward is genuine democratic elections, not violence in the streets & MTR stations. The freedom and human rights of the people must be protected!” Taiwan’s foreign minister Joseph Wu tweeted.

Taiwan’s comments are likely to anger China, as the relations between both the countries have severed since Tsai Ing-wen’s getting into the Taiwan presidential office in 2016. She is further seeking for 2020 presidential elections and facing Han Kuo-yu from the opposition KMT party, which favours warmer ties with the Chinese mainland.

Following the Hong Kong protests, Taiwan’s government had also agreed to provide asylum to the Hong Kongers fleeing to the city, storming the legislature in the wake of extradition bill and called for Hong Kong elections as a good option to avoid the chaos.  

The government’s inability to control the mob through peaceful measures, post temporary suspension of the extradition bill, further aggravated the existing situation in Hong Kong.

The violent confrontations between the police and the protestors have plunged the entire city into a huge political and economical crisis. Shutting down of businesses has further affected the sale of many brands in the city, which now want to move to another place to regain profits.

Yesterday, various masked men along with batons gathered at a train station in the territory’s Yuen Long town. Wearing white, these men started attacking the crowd present at the platforms and inside the carriage, injuring about 45 people, which also included people returning from the demonstrations.

The analysts believe that the attack was a response to representations at China’s liaison office in the city earlier on Sunday, where the riot police clashed with the protestors, firing tear gas and rubber bullets on them.  

The biggest irony is that the police that is always available to backfire the protestors, was not available to protect the passengers attacked by the mob. This incident raises serious questions on the credibility of the legal system in the territory.

The day-by-day worsening situations with continuous demonstrations have threatened the peaceful nature of Hong Kong. There is a dire need to take active steps in the territory. With people’s contended attitude towards the government, it seems that conducting fresh Hong Kong elections would help the people to choose their leader, who would then aim towards peaceful development of the territory.

What would become of the extradition bill if new elections were to be held in the territory? The citizens and the surrounding territories eagerly await the answer.

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