Tesla’s Energy Sector to Improve Quarterly Profits by Middle East Sales

Tesla’s Energy Sector to Improve Quarterly Profits by Middle East Sales 

Last updated on July 31st, 2020

After facing multiple challenges in the past few months, Tesla energy sector is making great profits for the firm. Beating the consensus estimate of a 24-cent-loss, Tesla has earned US$1.86 a share in the third quarter.

Moreover, the firm has been achieving a lot on the business front. Increasing the expectations of investors of the firm, Elon Musk announced that production of a new factory in China has been already initiated. Also, Model Y will launch sooner than the expected.

As per Elon Musk, Tesla energy business could be better than its electric vehicle business. The firm has also gained popularity in UAE as “ekar” and Masdar come together to introduce electric vehicle car-sharing in Middle East.

Even though Tesla is trying hard to work on its sales, the quarterly revenue of the firm dropped for the first time since 2012. In order to improve gross profit margins of the firm, Musk cut down on the expenses.

In a recent interview on Bloomberg Television, an analyst at Wedbush Securities, Dan Ives said, “If you look at the margins and the profitability, that’s the major feather in the cap for the bulls. If they (Tesla) can maintain this, this could be a potential game changer for them going forward.”

Through October 23 closing, stocks were down by 23 percent in 2019. Shares of the firm climbed nearly 21 percent to US$308.50 in late trading. After continuous scepticism about the ability of Tesla to stand tall against global rivals. 

Spreading Tesla energy sector further, the firm set up a factory on the outskirts of Shanghai this year. Currently, the trial of Model 3 is underway there. In order to avoid import duties, Elon Musk encouraged producing Sudan locally. As stated by the managing partner at Loup Ventures, this new factory will open a whole new market for the company.

Earnings improved in Q3 as Tesla gained about US$30 million deferred revenue of Musk’s risky addition to its suite of drive-assistance features known as Autopilot. Even though gross margin of the car maker was 22.8, which is certainly less than 2018, it witnessed a 3.9 percent point improvement in comparison to the past three months.

As all focus was directed towards Model 3, Tesla energy and solar businesses plunged for almost two years. Recently, Tesla got an opportunity to expand business overseas as UAE found “ekar” and Masdar come together to introduce EV car-sharing to the Middle East. They have purchased five Tesla models S and X.

Adding up to the charm of driving an EV, is driving it without making a whole in your pocket. Users of ekar app can rent a Tesla Model S or Model X. They can pick the car from an exclusive Masdar City charging station.

If the electric car maker continues to work like this, it will soon overcome the loses it faced in time bygone and Tesla energy business will flourish.

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