The strategic movements of the La 14 Group

The strategic movements of the La 14 Group 

Last updated on September 21st, 2018

The Business Group 14 decided to adjust its governing body. Gustavo Andrés Cardona Mejía was appointed as general manager. The economist, linked to the organization for eight years, will assume that position temporarily, replacing Manuel Guillermo Escobar.

Escobar had to lead the ‘Together 2020′ program, the vision that the company set and that, according to the new guidelines, that strategic development that was outlined will be maintained, but with the adjustments required by the dynamics of the market, the economy and our own capabilities’, according to La 14 collaborators.

The process of the ‘Together 2020’ program included new categories, new allies, new suppliers, transformation of stores and a customer service more aware of the market trends worldwide.

In 2016 the Valle del Cauca chain began its transformation plan that planned the opening of new stores.

This year, he signed an alliance with Banco Popular for 10 years, so that his clients could count on a co-branded credit card. This card, with the Visa franchise, is one of the 54 projects designed for the retail area in the ‘Together 2020’ program.

The board of directors of the Business Group La 14 will be chaired by Lelia Cardona Parra, with financial, commercial and operational experience and who has been with the organization for 30 years.

Gustavo Cardona Parra, for his part, assumes the position of honorary president of the board of directors, with 63 years of experience in La 14.

The board of directors will reach people outside the family.

Lelia Cardona Parra, Olga Lucia Marín Cardona, Jaime Cardona Duarte and Gustavo Andrés Cardona Mejía, the patrimonial members of the board of directors, will be joined by three other professionals from outside the family. They are Carlos Arturo Guevara, Fernando Páramo and Luis Eduardo Pérez.

The company asked its commercial allies and financial entities to continue accompanying it in this stabilization process of the operation.

The 14 carries out between 37 and 38 million transactions per year and has between five and six million customers per year.

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