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There are no more Donuts in Dunkin Donuts name 

Last updated on December 3rd, 2018

There are no more Donuts in Dunkin Donuts name

Dunkin’ Donuts is hoping to receive a better chance at the market with its brand new name. Now they prefer not to limit imagination with only donuts. So, meet new Dunkin’ then.

Perhaps, it is a time we all admit that this chain of fast food cafes that started as a donut maker has grown up in a much more than this. What about its beverage they serve with donuts?

Well, from the next year their devoted customers will have to learn how to live with the new name of this famous brand.

On Tuesday, officials from the company have announced that it will still keep its famous colors, but will go by Dunkin’ from the next year’s January.

These changes can be explained by the popularity of beverages in Dunkin’ Donuts. Now, its sales equal to 60 percent of all Dunkin’ business. Another explanation lays in the popularity of their motto: America Runs on Dunkin’.

In the official statement and during the press conference with the press, spokesmen from Dunkin’ Donuts said that now it is not very accurate to associate the company only with donuts, while its main source of income lays in beverage sales. They claim that there are no significant changes, just removing the second part of the name.

They call it a broader strategy. This company is one of many who declares the change of their name as a part of expending their sales.

Another example of the company that recently changed their names is Weight Watchers, who became WW, with the focus on wellness.

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