After Rebuking Immigrant Laws, Cook Meets Xiao Yaqing in China
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After Rebuking Immigrant Laws, Cook Meets Xiao Yaqing in China 

As per a short statement recently released by the State Administration for Market Regulation in China, Apple CEO, Tim Cook recently met Xiao Yaqing, a Chinese regulator to discuss his plans about expanding the market share of Apple in China.

A lot of topics were covered in the meeting held on October 17. They discussed consumer rights protection, the corporate social responsibility and future plans of Apple in China.

According to Reuters, Xiao Yaqing and Tim Cook discussed “a wide range of topics including expanding investment and business development in China, protecting consumer rights and interests, and fulfilling corporate social responsibility.”

The statement released does not reveal further details about the discussions between the two.

The tech firm received direct criticism from the Chinese government previous week as they introduced the HK Map Live App on Apple Store. The app was used unfairly by the Hong Kong protestors who could track the position of police vans using it. Justifying the removal of the app, Tim said, “the app was being removed because it was being used to “maliciously target individual officers for violence.”

Addressing an open letter to Apple, the Hong Kong law maker, Charles Mok said, “I sincerely hope that Apple will choose to support its users and stop banning simply out of political reason or succumbing to China’s influence like other American companies appear to be doing.”

Skeptical about the sales of iPhone 11 in China, Cook’s meeting with Xiao Yaqing, shows that Cook is serious about working on the declining sales of Apple in China. Meanwhile, in reports released on October 17, analysts reported that Apple’s iPhone has been doing “much better” than expected in China following its launch.

Economic uncertainties such as US China trade war and Hong Kong Protests have disrupted businesses all over the world. The future plans of Apple discussed with Xiao Yaqing gives a ray of hope to its investors who were otherwise dejected by the drooping sales of Apple. As highlighted by Chinese Premier Li Keqiang on October 17, China will create “tremendous opportunities” for companies from the US by opening up sectors of its economy.

Well known for his pro-immigrant and anti-racist views, Tim recently spoke to the US Senate to pass US immigration reforms. Cook stressed on the need to pass immigration reforms that would clear per-country limits on green cards.

To put his stance forth on the issue, Tim tweeted, Immigrants make this country stronger and our economy more dynamic. As a first step toward needed comprehensive reform, I urge the Senate to move quickly to pass the Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act.”

The attempt to convince the US Senate is a reflection of Apple’s interest in easing immigration laws for its employees who live in California who face challenges in getting green card.

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