Top travel destinations for 2019
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Top travel destinations for 2019 

Scouring for a unique vacation for New Year? Thanks to the Internet, holiday destinations have become trendy, and somehow the word gets out very fast. It may be because these places are well-priced, adventurous, off the beaten track, offer an immersive experience or just plain beautiful and undiscovered. If you are up for a custom-tailored holiday, your job just got easier.

What are top travel destinations for 2019?

If you’re looking to travel to Africa, Rwanda is a definite hot spot.  An incredibly beautiful country, Rwanda has fertile green rolling hills and valleys, colorful villages, friendly locals and the most astonishing wildlife.  Want to see the gorillas? Visit this prolific beautiful African country.

Ethiopia is also a hot new destination. It is relatively undiscovered, which also makes it utterly attractive with unusual wildlife, and magnificent scenic places. Their culinary delights will bowl you over.

If you have set your heart in South-East Asia, visit Cambodia. Temples, history, culture, food and fabric, all at amazing prices. You could make a circuit of that includes Vietnam and Thailand.

Mexico has always been popular with Los Cabos as a prime destination. Travelers love the city Los Cabos for the beach, food, and action. Also, there are some incredibly new and luxurious properties and hotels in the market.

Turkey has had a bit of a rough time over the last few years because of terrorism, but the Turkish Riviera are having a major come back. Azure warm waters, beautiful beaches, delightful Turkish potteries, and fantastic people at great prices. You could hire a yacht for a few days, to experience the sea.

Colombia and Panama linking South to Central America are both top travel destinations for 2019. Both the countries have become increasingly popular among travelers looking for adventure, as they have a unique experience to offer.

Have you heard of The Azores? Well, get there before everybody else does. The Azores is in Europe, a self-governed region of Portugal, offering fab swimming, the best peri- peri chicken and gorgeous places to stay.

Egypt? Yes, it’s back on the top ten list of places to travel. History, culture, food, people and adventure. Not to forget the Pyramids and its perfume!

So pack your bags, and set off to these top travel destinations in the upcoming year.

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