US-Japan Alliance Strengthens with Trump’s Inspection of Kaga
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US-Japan Alliance Strengthens with Trump’s Inspection of Kaga 

Marking the end of his four-day visit to Japan today, US President Donald Trump boarded the Japanese aircraft Kaga with Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe near south of Tokyo.

Japanese Maritime Self-Defence Force’s largest destroyer also known as the Kaga is one of the greatest aircraft carriers designed to hunt down the enemy submarines in distant waters.

Observing the growing ability of Japan to upgrade its warships and forces, President Trump has largely been expecting the former to strengthen the US forces throughout Asia.

Amid China’s continuous forcefulness in the Indo-Pacific regions, the Japanese workers plan to upgrade the Kaga to handle the Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company’s F-35Bs short take-off and vertical landing (STOVL) jets. This would also help the US to have its supremacy in advance technology during wartimes, despite being a powerful economy.

Being widely impressed by the functioning of the aircraft carrier, Trump said, “With this extraordinary new equipment the Kaga will help our nations defend against a range of complex threats in the region and far beyond.”

The upgrading of the Kaga and a similar aircraft carrier called the Izumo that also aimed at an anti-submarine warfare, covering disaster relief and peacekeeping operations, would largely help the US forces in Japan. Both the Kaga and the Izumo are Japan’s greatest aircraft carriers, designated as destroyers by the Self Defence Forces amid the constitutional barriers.  

Handling the Japanese office since December 2012, Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has increased defence spending, easing troop limiting activities. The aim is to draw global attention towards the existence of Japan’s military.  

Japan has been aiming to strengthen its defence capability by planning to buy additional F-35 fighters and advanced jets. These equipments would help in progressing Japan’s military technology.

Donald Trump’s inspection of the Kaga for the very first time appeared as a sign of growing alliance between the US and Japan. This alliance is expected to restrain the growing aggression in the Indo-Pacific region, bringing in positive changes in both the countries.  

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