Unilever to Make Burger King Patties in Europe as Competition Rises in Dubai
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Unilever to Make Burger King Patties in Europe as Competition Rises in Dubai 

Burger King overwhelms the food industry with the introduction of a meat-free version of its Whopper burger in 25 European countries. Reports claim that the food giant will take help from Unilever Plc in the making of this Rebel Burger.

To strengthen its hold in the plant-based food served in European restaurant chains, Unilever will deliver the patties for the Rebel Burger of Burger King.

Every passing day,  people are getting more conscious about the health and environmental impact of industrial animal farming. Firms such as Beyond Meat Inc, Impossible Foods Inc are seen as tough competitors of Burger King, as the plant-based burger air spreads across Europe and the United States.

The new vegetarian “Rebel Whopper” will include a soybean based protein patty and is out for sale starting today in 25 countries all over the world, including Germany, Spain and Italy. As of now, no details of the financial agreement have been revealed by the two firms.

Even though the plant-based patties in US will be supplied by Impossible Foods only, Burger King has wilfully opted for a different supplier in Europe.

Currently, Impossible Foods is on a look out to apply for authorisation to sell in Europe. The Head of Burger King in Europe, Middle East and Africa, David Shear said, “There are a wide variety of players in this space and we looked at all of them before choosing this as the best option in terms of taste and quality.” He added, “We’re so excited to launch in Europe where demand for plant-based foods has been particularly strong.”

In order to maintain its importance in the market, Unilever purchased a small Dutch company titled “Vegetarian Butcher” almost 11 months ago. Just like other big food makers and traditional meat companies including Tyson Foods, the purchased company wants to be a part of the plant based burger market that is growing at the rate of 30 percent a year.

According to David Shear, for getting the perfect “flame-grilled” taste in the new burger, Burger King has been working with The Vegetarian Butcher for several months now. Sources claim that the brand will have its name on the packaging of Rebel Whopper and on its promotional materials.

In the Middle East, Burger King is extremely popular and is one among the Top 10 Most Loved Food Brands in the UAE. Others include Starbucks, Costa Coffee, McDonald’s and KFC.

However, soon Burger King is going to witness tough competition in Dubai as the famous chef Nusret Gokce is going to open his first outlet under the Salt Bar moniker in the financial district of Dubai.

The food joint, labelled Saltbae Burger, has already been opened in Gate Village, DIFC, Dubai and offers a more stripped back venture than Nusr-Et steakhouse concept at Four Seasons Jumeirah Beach. Gokce revealed the new restaurant to his Instagram followers, with videos from inside of Saltbae Burger.

On the very first day, the new restaurant served 720 customers. In such a scenario, its surely going to give in a tough time to Burger King.

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