China Goes into a Tizzy as US Warships Enter South China Sea
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China Goes into a Tizzy as US Warships Enter South China Sea 

Two US warships have entered the South China Sea and China is mighty unhappy about it.

The two navy ships sailed near South China islands, over which Beijing has claimed ownership. The US negate such ownership and in fact, the area is under dispute between China and America.

The two American ships entered the waters without any permission from China. When interviewed, the Chinese spokesperson, Hua Chunying said that the ships were in the Chinese waters illegally and they are not happy about it.

This is a clear move by the United States to claim ownership of the South China Seas, or to at least tell the Chinese government that the US still holds the power.

Last year, Admiral John Richardson, Chief of US Naval operations, warned China that the United States is going to ‘meet them’ more and more on the high seas. This was after a Chinese warship came too close to an American ship, in the hotly disputed territory.

It is thought that the Chinese are trying to limit the freedom of navigation in waters where Southeast Asian, Chinese and Japanese navies operate. The Chinese vessel was just 45 metres away from the American vessel, the USS Decatur. Now, the US ships have entered the territory, unwelcome and threatening.

China recently resumed its trade talks with Washington, both sides are being pressurised sign a deal as the global economy relies on it. China has claimed a large portion of the South China Sea for themselves, building air bases as well as artificial islands. This move has been firmly opposed by the US. The American ships in the South China Sea are now being firmly opposed by the Americans.

Apart from Hua saying the Chinese were unhappy, it is still early and nobody knows where this dispute is heading to. Watch this space for more on US-China relations.

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