Vietnam Deports Kim Jong-un Doppelganger Ahead of the Summit
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Vietnam Deports Kim Jong-un Doppelganger Ahead of the Summit 

Ahead of the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and US President Donald Trump’s summit in Hanoi this week, an impersonator of Jong-un was dragged from his hotel on Monday.

Howard X came to Vietnam along with Russell White, Trump’s impersonator, last week. He hired security guards and staged a fake summit on the staircase of Opera House in Hanoi, in the presence of media.

Trump and Jong-un are scheduled to meet for the second time in Hanoi on February 27 and 28. The first meeting of the leaders which took place last year in June in Singapore, failed to yield results on the Pyongyang’s nuclear issue.

Kim Jong-un’s doppelganger was taken into police custody for questioning on Friday. He was informed that he would be deported to Hong Kong, his residential place. The Vietnamese immigration officials told Howard X that his visa was “invalid”.

“The real reason is I was born with a face looking like Kim Jong-un, that’s the real crime,” he told the press on Monday. He was then taken in a van to the airport with three Vietnamese men, who were not in uniform and who did not identify themselves.

On the other hand, Trump’s lookalike has been allowed to stay in the city, but has been restricted from wearing the costume in public. Locals and tourists in the city, who came across White, stopped him for selfies.

Howard X, who was seen wearing a Mao-style black suit and thick black glasses, commented that sending him back to Hong Kong would have been much cheaper for the Vietnamese than buying a ticket for White, who resides in Canada.

He also believes that he is being deported because Kim Jong-un “has no sense of humour”.

“Satire is a powerful weapon against any dictatorship. They are scared of a couple of guys that look like the real thing,” he said, taking a dig at the ban of satire and sarcasm in North Korea.

White said he would stay in the city for this week, and wants to see progress at the Trump-Kim Summit.

“We’re here to make politics great again,” he said before bidding adieu to his counterpart Howard X.

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