Why immigrants are checked by a doctor with a criminal past? 

Last updated on December 3rd, 2018

Why immigrants are checked by a doctor with a criminal past

According to the fresh report published by Department of Homeland Security, physicians who involved in the process of examining immigrants had a wide history of criminal records behind them. Some of them were involved in hiring the killer to get rid of patient whom they did not like, others exploiting women or diluting vaccinations.

This new evidence questions the whole process of medical examination and treatment given to the immigrants and American citizens.

All the information was released last Friday. It came directly from the office of Inspector General. It says that Immigration Services of the USA hired surgeons with criminal records and physicians with patient abuse history.

Researchers have used the data starting from 2013, October to 2017, June. They gathered all the information about records and site visits. After that, they concluded that there is a lack of policies as official representatives made decisions about these doctors who were hired as civil surgeons.

There is a rule that immigrants who want to receive status of the permanent resident in the USA must pass medical examination by such surgeon. After that doctor gives results with an official seal to the applicant and later officials check the data.

Meanwhile, officers can refuse to give this status to those people who have infectious disease, mental or physical disorders, different addictions, etc.

Usually immigration officers check medical license of doctors, but don’t require any records from police to check their past. According to the recent investigation, some of these surgeons were involved in fraud, besides abuse or medical neglect.

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