Xi Jinping emphasises over friendly relations with North Korea prior to two-day visit
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Xi Jinping emphasises over friendly relations with North Korea prior to two-day visit 

Prior to his first two-day visit to North Korea, Chinese President Xi Jinping has written an opinionated article in the Rodong Sinmun, the official newspaper of North Korea. His article asserts on the fact that China backs North Korea and its efforts in “correct direction” to reconcile on the issues hovering over Korean Peninsula.

It also says that the Beijing’s friendship with North Korea is “irreplaceable”. The op-ed article has been published on the front page of the newspaper – a rare honour, which is provided seldom to foreign leaders. 

The article has been published a day prior to Xi’s arrival in Pyongyang city to meet North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un. The visit to North Korea is on the roll as Kim invited Xi when he himself visited Beijing in March 2018.

According to the analysts, this is a no-surprise visit, instead a very smart move as Xi Jinping and the leaders of US, Russia and South Korea are bound to visit Japan for the G20 summit. Xi’s visit might also be an attempt by the Chinese government to confirm the validation of its role in the diplomatic love triangle between China, North Korea and the US.

It is believed that earlier this month, Kim sent a letter to the US President. In response to the letter, Trump said, “I think something will happen that’s going to be very positive” and repeated that they both have a “very good relationship”.

In the article Xi Jinping wrote, “We will actively contribute to regional peace, stability, development and prosperity by strengthening communication and coordination with North Korea and other relevant parties to make progress in talks and negotiations on the issues on the Korean Peninsula.”

Xi also emphasised on the fact that this year mark the 70th anniversary of Beijing-Pyongyang relations and the relations between them will continue to grow stronger with time.

While the visit to North Korea might be a way to recognise its role amidst the relations of the US with North Korea and China, it would be interesting to see how this visit affects the market and the conditions of the Korean peninsula.

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